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Winter holiday writing frames and coloring fun pages to use for journal time, morning writing, and even social studies if Christmas around the world is studied. There is a page for Hanukkah and for Kwanzaa included. Several pages are just about winter and playing outside in the snow, and many pages have something to color. Coloring would be optional during the busy days prior to winter vacation, of course. Some of the pages could be included in the vacation “homework” pack. So many parents like a little schoolwork to keep children in the habit of learning even for days off. The pages are open-ended. There is even a page for students to compose a handwritten tweet.

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Winter Holiday Writing Frames and Coloring Fun

There is a cover to color in the event these pages are used as a journal.  Teachers may select which pages are desired for printing and just copy those pages, the entire pack does not have to be printed. This page may be stapled to other selected pages to create a pack. Pages may also be used individually, of course.


Christmas around the world is a popular topic in primary classes during December. Parents and grandparents may offer to explain about holidays in other countries, and this open-ended page allows for children to explain what they learned. Visitors that tell about holidays are always welcome in class!


This snow writing page is one that might be included in a holiday homework pack. That is, if you live where it might snow, as we do in Minnesota.


Winter Holiday Writing

Writing about holidays might include learning about Kwanzaa. This is a coloring page for children which requires no writing.


The next page is an example of a creative writing page. This could be used for a quick write or as writing prompt for a beginning of a story. What would the child do if he or she had a reindeer? 

There are additional pages to consider using. It seems that during December when excitement builds for the holidays, the rules need to be repeated more frequently and also lessons have to be more flexible. Sometimes with programs and maybe rehearsals, there are odd short times and something is needed as a filler. Some of these pages might help fit those odd schedule times!

Thank you for reading, Carolyn