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Winter Days in the Big Woods Educational PrintableAn Winter Days in the Big Woods educational printable may be downloaded here.  I realize the Laura Ingalls Wilder books have become controversial and are considered to show white supremacy. I get it. However, for the very young child who had just experienced a holiday season of gifts and events, the first readers for this series show such contrast to more simple times. I feel this is important for young children and haven’t seen many books that adequately show such information. Along with books such as this, children should be exposed to a wealth of multicultural books with diverse characters and know adults who model respect for all people. In my opinion. 

Anyway, there is another book, Christmas Days in the Big Woods, which is another possible story to read. Winter Days in the Big Woods provides information about the family’s situation and realities.

So I made an adjectives page for children to just color, as at younger ages we would not expect them to write at independent levels yet. I would read the page to the children and let them discuss the words.

Winter Days in the Big Woods Educational Printable

And there is a cut and paste page. The women have certain work to do on certain days, such as laundry on Monday and ironing on Tuesday. Can you imagine such a time where we could not just toss wet laundry in the dryer and be done when it was folded and hung? Of course, I can, I’m old, but the children might not even comprehend how the laundry was done “in the olden days.”


Appreciation for what we have and our lives today can be difficult to consider even for busy adults, and the children won’t realize the implication of such times. However, it is worth some time to read and present such a story for them to begin to think about.


Dr. Suess is also considered racist today. Such tough decisions parents and teachers have about which books to read or not!

Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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