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What's Up With that Cup?

What’s Up With that Cup?

What’s Up With that Cup?

by Sheila Keenan, illustrated by Jackie Snider, Math Activities by Marilyn Burns

My work page and answer key for this story:  What’s Up with that cup? PDF

This is a story in rhyme about Sally who tries to make a paper maché piggy bank because she lost her coins.  The point of the story is that when she uses nonstandard units of measure (toy cups) the recipe turns out badly.  The recipe turns out well when she finally uses a standard measuring cup.

The first part of the book is at a beginning reading level, and the end of the book is meant to be read aloud to children.  This book is meant to be a shared oral reading story is what grabs the children’s attention, but the real math teaching ideas are provided at the end of the book.  The math teaching part of the book is written by Marilyn Burns.  The activities, such as making a math snack, provide excellent math readiness for children.

Parents may find it time consuming to include children in the kitchen when cooking, but these simple ideas won’t cause too much mess.  It is very important for children to have experiences with measuring spoons, cups, rulers, and more at home so that when at school the children are ready for the more abstract math measuring lessons.

Math readiness is a joint experience

This story is so much like How Big is a Foot? which is written and illustrated by Rolf Myller.  In that story a bed for the Queen cannot be made until there is a standard unit of measure for the foot.

Math readiness is very important for success in the subject area of math at school. This book is level I for guided reading purposes.

Happy reading and measuring, Carolyn