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Weather calendars through June 2020 for students are now available in our premium eMember area, on the math page. The calendars help students keep track of weather by making tallies for which type of weather happens each day, recording the number of school days, and making notes of events of particular interest to the classroom. These calendar pages may be placed in the math folder and used as a component of math class each day.
Weather Calendars thru June 2020 for StudentsHere is a larger view of one of the calendars. There are 39 pages in the PDF. The months begin with May, 2017. The calendar ends in June, 2020. The format of each page is the same so children will learn what is expected to help them follow along. Calendars saved may be contrasted and compared for math discussion.

Weather Calendars thru June 2020 for Students

I hope you will enjoy these calendars!

Thank you, Carolyn