Wait Till the Moon is Full

by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Garth Williams

This story is about learning to wait. Wait Till the Moon is Full is a story about learning to wait. It is important in early childhood as later in life this is an important ability in many ways.  Little Raccoon wants to do many things outside, and asks his mother over and over when he can go outside.  She always answers, “Wait until the moon is full.”  She also sings songs about the moon and night. Finally, Little Raccoon is able to take his baseball bat and go outside and play when the moon is full.

There are few stories about waiting that are have such a clearly impatient character, and this is a good story to read to children who are impatient for events to happen.

Wait Till the Moon is Full Free Printable

My PDF work page:  Wait Till the Moon is Full PDF and answer key (picture of page below).

Wait Till the Moon is Full Free Printable

Happy waiting!   Carolyn

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