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Volcanoes and Earthquakes Free Student Work Pages

This post has a free printable for the book by Ken Rubin, Volcanoes and Earthquakes.
free PDF student work pages and key, by Wise Owl Factory

Volcanoes and Earthquakes Free Student Work PagesMany students love to look at the vivid and colorful pictures of earthquakes, volcanoes, and geysers in this book. Even if it is not read cover-to-cover, many facts will be learned. My free printable is short and sweet, for those very children who love to look at this book. It is a classroom favorite! Basically, the answers require looking at picture descriptions or the tops of pages.  If sharing this book with an interested younger child, I would let the child guide the discussion and read parts of the book. Upper elementary students will read the text, of course.  This book is designed to be read again and again.

Baking soda and vinegar make a fun follow up kitchen sink experiment, because when added together they foam up sort of like a volcano.  Children enjoy mixing these ingredients.  Don’t shake them up unless outside!  If you put these two things in a plastic film canister and shake it up (outdoors) the top will pop off the container, which is fun to do over and over.

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Carolyn Wilhelm, MS, MA, NBCT