Vertebrates Sudoku Puzzles for Premium eMembersVertebrates Sudoku Animal Picture Puzzles 4X4 6X6 8X8 and 9X9

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This product has supportive Sudoku picture puzzles with the subject vertebrate animals. Children like puzzles and animals, so these are engaging to children. They have been designed as a way to introduce Sudoku and help build necessary skills.
14 page set of instructions included


This is one of dozens of PDFs in our premium eMember area. *Many of the pages are written to students to be used as letter sized posters at the math center. They are also informative for teachers and parents.
*All the puzzles are in both color and black and white.
*At the 4 X 4 level the puzzles are all at one level as that is what is possible.

4_x_4_sample_puzzle*The 6 X 6 puzzles have three levels of difficulty. The first level is quite easy to allow students practice with the rules of Sudoku.
*The 8 X 8 puzzles have four levels of difficulty. Again, level one is provided to allow students to learn how to work with the puzzles and gain confidence.
*The 9 X 9 puzzles have 5 levels of difficulty each.9_x_9_sample_of_puzzle

Additional Notes

*Puzzle answer keys and pieces for working with the problem solving are included. The puzzles may be laminated for durability.
*Some of the black and white puzzles are different from the color printing pages so there are actually additional puzzles to solve.
Thank you for reading, Carolyn Wilhelm