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Two Free Editable Primary K-2 Newsletters

Editable newsletters, anyone? This post has two free editable primary newsletters for teachers. They are intended for primary grades.  These both have general themes so they may be used much of the school year.  Class updates, events, birthdays, and subject information may be typed in by teachers.  The newsletters may be saved, also, but so you always have a clean copy name and date each newsletter created.  Any “blue space” on the PDF not typed in will appear blank on the print-outs. First is newsletter one. The PDFs are separate. Name them for month and date or events or however you organize your newsletters to have several copies at a time.

Editable newsletters – One

 news-from-school-1-editableeditable newsletters Two Free Editable Primary K-2 Newsletters

Editable newsletters -Two

And now the other newsletter opens next.


Two Free Editable Primary K-2 Newsletters

Did you know there are 5 more editable newsletters at this blog post?

Thanks to teachers for all you do! Carolyn Wilhelm