trail signThe book Trees, Leaves, and Bark by Diane L. Burns  introduces information about trees, including the lifespan and uses of the wood.  Color drawings of the mature trees and a close-ups of the leaves help identify the trees.  Descriptions and illustrations are also given for the seeds and bark.

FREE chart student PDF and answer key to accompany the book:  Trees Leaves and Bark work pages and answer key PDF (OPENS HERE)


Trees, Leaves, and Bark

Walk with your children, and when they find leaves, take a very few home (the worms need them, you know) and try this tree identification guide which really works well:

Tree Identification ID Online Program from Wisconsin

We just returned from a wonderful nature walk.  Today we decided to turn a different way on the nature path behind us, which connects to 35 miles of biking and hiking trails (The 3Rivers Park District in MN).  The different way was such a wonderful adventure and we saw new things today, including a muskrat.  Why hadn’t we walked that way before?  And, we learned we are only about half a mile from the local Arboretum, which we thought was further away because it is by driving.

Have fun outdoors, Carolyn

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