Eight Top Travel Tips for Any Trip by I. Reid

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I. ReidYour author, I. Reid, has traveled extensively.  Travel is not always the picture perfect experience travel shows (and Instagram) would have you believe.  The reality can include unpleasant weather, strange foods, bewilderment at different languages or alphabets, jet lag, and delays.  Travel is still a rewarding experience, as long as one expects reality not perfection.
travel-is-not-always-a-picture-perfect-experienceWhile your author has shared information about locations such as Shanghai and will write about specific destinations at a later time, here are some general travel tips to make any trip no matter how far or near a more enjoyable experience.

Tip #1 – Research your destination  and continue reading here! 


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About the Author:

I. Reid is the pen name of an insatiably curious, overeducated homo sapiens sapiens who much to the dismay of family and friends has never outgrown the why phase (or how phase if applied to how a thing works). As I. Reid is gainfully employed and considered a productive adult in polite society, I. Reid guest blogs on occasion guided by whatever is the curiosity of the nanosecond.