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Tracks in the Wild by Betsy BowenTracks in the Wild

Written and illustrated by Betsy Bowen

Tracks in the Wild is a first person narrative style nonfiction expository text.  What is so wonderful about the book is the first person style of writing, as if the author is speaking right to you from the woods.  It makes the reader feel included in the circle of animals, birds, and the author.  It makes the children hearing the story feel as if they are learning some special knowledge otherwise unavailable.  The free PDF, below, captures only a few of the many facts provided in the book. 

Students will have to listen to the whole story maybe two or three times to figure out the answers.  At home, children could listen to the story once and then look through the book to check facts.  The answer key is provided.  The mouse question is tricky and can be answered by checking the footprints on the mouse page.  I had to double check my facts to be sure of everything, but all facts are located in the book.

Tracks in the Wild by Betsy Bowen Free Printable

I hope your child or students are able to see some tracks in the wild!  This is a link to a tracking for kids online site.  EEK!  Tricky tracks quiz for kids.  Happy reading, Carolyn

Tracks in the Wild key and work page PDF

Tracks in the Wild by Betsy Bowen Free Printable

See also the free Montessori 3 part cards for tracking on this page. 


Happy reading, Carolyn