Torn Paper Craft ProjectThis post has a torn paper craft project inspired by O Canada by Ted Harrison. Ted Harrison is one of Canada’s modern artists. This book is the first illustrated edition of Canada’s national anthem, “O Canada.”

Different lines of the song, which is in both French and English, are paired with Canada’s territories and provinces.  Each territory and province  is described at length for a picture book.   Adults will find the information interesting, too.  I immediately thought of the winter Olympic Games in Vancouver  (2010) just looking through the book.

The paintings in the book are vivid, bold, and colorful.  Looking at the pictures will inspire students to work on similar art projects with torn construction paper, markers, crayons, and possibly paints.   This is another book which is actually a song.

Torn Paper Craft Project

Student responses might include torn paper projects (mine is digital clip art) or oil pastels.  There are a few pictures in the linked slide show presentation that are inspired by the art in O’CANADA, which you can easily spot.

There are many version of torn paper craft art available, so perhaps after making a different project students could apply that knowledge to a different version and make something to represent Canada.  Do your students study Canada at all? Or has one of the students recently visited that country? Perhaps you live in Canada. There are many opportunities to allow children to apprentice themselves to the work of artists such as using the pictures in this book as a model.

 O CANADA by Ted Harrison Torn Paper Project

Thank you for reading! Carolyn

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