Tooth brushing charts free instant download at this blog post — to help parents encourage children to be more independent and routine about tooth care. A question to ask aloud, not looking directly at a child, might be, “Does the tooth fairy take dirty teeth?” Just wonder aloud to not pressure your child but prompt some thinking. Probably the tooth fairy wants to collect only clean teeth. Has the tooth fairy visited your house? Even if children know it is a “game” it is fun to pretend to help them look forward to losing teeth. It is uncomfortable to have a tooth fall out and not be entirely healed. Having a “window” in your mouth can be fun until the adult tooth starts to push through which also may cause some discomfort. The Tooth Fairy can help manage some of the difficulties of tooth loss.

Tooth Brushing Charts Free Instant Download

When a child is very young, they want the toothbrush but do not realize how to use it properly. Remember? Maybe chewing on the toothbrush felt good when they were teething.

Tooth Brushing Charts Free Instant Download

Losing teeth happens all too fast!


Directions for ideas to use the printable are included in the PDF. One row could be for using mouthwash. How the chart is used will depend on the individual child.


The free printable for recording when children remember to brush and floss is at the next link.


There are different pages for printing and a choice of color or b/w ink use.


One style included is open-ended so a parent might use one star a day for four weeks, two stars a day for two weeks, or four a day for a week.


The other style definitely shows morning brushing, brushing after lunch or school, and brushing/flossing in the evening.


And, as mentioned, there are black and white pages to consider printing.


Miss Owl has lost two teeth now. Somehow the tooth fairy gives them to her mom to save in a wooden box with a place for each lost tooth. Quite the mystery.


You might also like the tooth chart freebie display for the classroom at this link.

Free Lost Tooth Classroom Display Printable

And a book comprehension printable PDF at this link for Open Wide, Tooth School Inside.


Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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