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Time to 5 minutes (free) may be practiced using this Google Slides activity. Please see my blog post about using Google Slides at school or home at this link. For this slide set, please click here or on the picture below.

Time to 5 Minutes Do-you-wonder-how-to-tell-time

Interactive Slides

The slides are interactive, such as the slide that asks students to count by 5’s by moving pictures with numbers.Practice-counting-by-5s-interactive-Google-Slide

By relating the clock numbers to hands, the students will see they are probably already counting by 5’s. Their previous skip counting experience will help them understand clocks and telling time. So, next they practice moving the hands around the clock. move-the-numbers-around-the-clock-to-count-by-5s free Google slide

Next, they try an interactive slide with numbers. Look, mom, no hands!

count-by-5-around-clock free interactive Google Slide

After practicing counting by 5’s around the clock, students might try this slide of adding times from noon to 1:00 by moving the correct times to the clocks.

Time to 5 Minutes move-the-times-to-the-correct-clock

Not All Clocks Are The Same

Students need to be aware that all clocks count the same number of minutes per hour whether or not the clock has numbers on it. And pretty soon they need to learn each mark on the clock or watch means one minute, and to learn to count from 1 to 60 by ones around the clock.


For counting by 1’s around the clock, children can recite numbers 1-60. However, what does that look like in writing? Try this DIY idea. I made a free printable to use with either a dollar store foam clock as pictured, or the blank clock included in the printable. Tedious but after this experience children will have a better understanding of reading time to the minute.

free time-to-the-minute PDF


Thank you for reading and I hope some people find this useful.


Science Free

This page has links to free science printable blog posts.  The printables and resources are available at the blog post links. There are more, so please use the search bar in the top right of each page to search for other resources.


The bubbling snowman is simply a version of using baking soda and vinegar which children never seem to become tired of doing. When the bubbling begins, it looked like it is snowing.  Please see the blog post here for more information and a short video.

Vertebrates/invertebrates sort, free PDF, instant download at the blog post.


Leaf-shaped 3-part cards printable — download at this blog post link.


Math and nature Fibonacci posters can be downloaded in the free eMember area. 

free bog-plants-science-printable

free printable with matching cards for teaching about bogs is at this blog post. The suggested text is not required for using the cards in the PDF, but some source of information would be nice to have on hand.


Information about a free magnets printable is at this blog post. The printable will be found in our free eMembers area.

free what-lives-on-the-prarie-plants-and-animals

Free student interactive notebook printable for studying plants on the prairie at this blog post. What plants and animals live on the prairie? Find out in this printable.


Observe and journal about a tree for an outdoors science activity. Visit the same tree a each season of the year to notice what is happening. More information and a free PDF is available at the blog post.


Have you see the dancing dime experiment to demonstrate that warm air takes up more space than cold air? See the post at this link for more information as well as a very short video.


Solar Bead Necklaces are amazing for children but do not tell the secret while inside and working on the project. Let children discover for themselves how the sun causes these beads to reveal their colors.  They will be happy to share the information with you! For information please see the blog post at this link.

free nonfiction-book-about-a-rabbit-growing-and-work-page

Watch Me Grow, Rabbit is a nonfiction book for children with facts, information, and photos that show how rabbits grow and live. The free printable at the blog post has a worksheet and answer key to accompany the text.


Science experiments at home using test tubes, nature print paper activities, and breaking open geodes. See the information at this blog post.


Build a solar oven and bake smores (free printable at the post)


STEM with recycled newspapers, old-fashioned fun


Grow crystals over night using tissue paper instead of coal, and a few household ingredients.  See information and printable directions which open here.