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The Shakespeare Stealer Q and A Free Discussion Guide

The Shakespeare Stealer Q and A Free Discussion GuideThis post has a book review of The Shakespeare Stealer and a free Q and A printable discussion guide PDF. This book is by Gary Blackwood, and is for grades four and up. I used this book when teaching fourth grade and the students helped determine parts of the play and enjoyed this book very much. It has surprises and a very engaging story. 

FREE Question and answer discussion guide for The Shakespeare Stealer (OPENS HERE)

Shakespeare Stealer Book CoverWidge is an orphan  who knows shorthand . He is dramatically taken away in the beginning of this story by a terrible master who demands he watch practice sessions of the as yet unpublished HAMLET, and write the script in shorthand.  Having no choice, Widge follows directions.   This is an entertaining novel which engages youth today with historical details, colorful characters, villainy, and drama.  My fourth grade class wrote and performed a play about this book.  They were so excited when they found out one actor was really an actress, and that only men could perform in plays during that time period.

Parents, this would be a great book for night time reading to children who are exhausted from their day at school, sports, lessons, and homework.  Children will often listen to reading when they are tired, so take advantage of such opportunities.The Shakespeare Stealer
Happy reading!