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The End Write a Fariy Tale Backwards PrintableThe End Write a Fairy Tale Backwards

by David LaRochelle, Richard Egielski  (Illustrator)

The End! Students can apprentice themselves to this book and write a fairy tale backward for engagement in writing class. This book begins with the ending and tells the story backward to the beginning.  David LaRochelle is an author who visits schools presenting books and stories for children.

This book is fun and children enjoy hearing the story backward.  Then, it can be read backward from the beginning to the end, which children find amusing and even hysterical.

The End Write a Fairy Tale Backwards Printable

I thought children might like to write a backwards story, like this book, and our premium eMember area has a 27 page PDF for a story writing project.  One story is a writing frame with prompts on each page, and the other story only has prompts on the beginning and ending pages for differentiation.

The End Story Writing Frame with Rubric

If children have trouble writing the story backward, they can arrange the pages in order beginning to end.  When they finish writing, they could staple it in backward order!  I’m sure children will have many clever story writing ideas.

Here are sample pages. First, the cover page!


The story begins with, “And they all lived happily ever after!” I know, hilarious, right?


I guess I should close with ONCE UPON A TIME!  Carolyn