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This is the Multicultural Children’s Book Day post 5 for the fifth of six books I received from Stone Arch Books by Capstone Young Readers. January 27, 2016 is the official day for Multicultural Children’s Book Day.  Please also see post one, post two, post three, and post four, and post six. To learn more about this special day post one explains all about this annual event and it’s sponsors, authors, publishers, and more. The official hashtag is #ReadYourWorld for social media mentions. There are dozens and dozens of participating blogs and each has something of interest to share. This is the page with the linky of all the posts.

The Case of the Missing Museum Archives

This post is about the book The Case of the Missing Museum Archives by Steve Brezenoff. I made a free printable with a few student work pages for teachers and homeschools. This book is in the Museum Mysteries series, and is set in Capitol City. There are four friends who work together to solve the mystery and help someone who was unfairly blamed for a theft.  Amal is the Somali female protagonist and she is 11.  Her American Indian friend, Raining, is interested in Ojibwe culture. All the friends are associated with the museums in the city which provides many teachable moments throughout the stories. The other friends are Clementine who is 13 and love art, while Wilson Kipper is 10 and is interested in dinosaurs. Learning abounds in this series of books. This book is set in the Air and Space Museum, so facts about astronauts and historical space events are included.

Multicultural Children's Book Day Post 5

Fun Printable Activities

This is the link to the free printable:  Case-of-the-Missing-Museum-Archives

I have made a few work pages such as a true/false page.

Multicultural Children's Book Day Post 5I included a crossword puzzle of the words in the glossary at the end of the book.

free missing-archives-crossword-puzzle

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Thank you for reading, Carolyn