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The Bicycle Man Free Printable

This post with information about The Bicycle Man by Allen Say has a free work page for students, and an answer key for teachers and parents.

The Bicycle Man by Allen Say

If you are looking for a good book for your class or child to read and practice asking questions as a reading comprehension strategy, this book is perfect.  The book is historical fiction and the setting is in Japan , so there are cultural differences between the school in the story and probably the school your child attends (as this blog is in English and all the books mentioned in it are in English).  It also has what Lucy Calkins would describe as a “small moment” during a special school sports day in spring.  The sports day is the frame of the story, but the small moment of the two soldiers passing by and what happens for a short time is the most exciting part of the book.  So, questioning and small moments would be the focus of this read aloud.  Children will be asking questions, so you may want to tell them to wait until the end of the book or the second reading to ask them.

The amazing tricks one American soldier performs on a borrowed bicycle is the grand finale for the school sports day in a small village in occupied Japan.  This is my free PDF with questions and answers: Bicycle-Man-free-work-pages  *Note: If you do not wish to have children write out the answers, the printable could be used as a Q and A for a discussion.  

work-pages-for-Bicycle-Man-free-work-pages-and-answer-keyMany of Allen Say’s books have deep themes and although picture books, are about subjects that may be difficult for children to understand.  This is a link to a page listing his books and topics.  This is a link to his author page, which is information intended for adults as it historical in nature.  Allen Say was born in Yokohama, Japan, in 1937.

The Bicycle Man (1982)
ALA Notable Book
Booklist Editors’ Choice
Reading Rainbow Feature Selection

This is a book for which your child will need to use thinking skills!  Carolyn