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This post has a free 1000 animal math problem.  The book Looking for a Moose by Phyllis Root and illustrated by Randy Cecil,could be used for the anticipatory set.

Looking for a Moose is a fun children’s story full of onomatopoeia and adjectives.  The children look and look for a moose by wading in water, climbing rocks, and all sorts of things.  Of course, they see several moose at the end of the story.  This is a great story for language development.

People who travel to northern Minnesota often hope to see a moose during their trip. So, I checked out Looking for a Moose.  Others hope to see owls as right now several kinds of owls are coming here from Canada due to an irruption year. And here is what I came up with, the 1000 Owl, or 1000 Moose, or 1000 Buffalo math problem.

The 1000 Animal Math Problem

This is a 29 page PDF but I guess I got carried away with the art as it is a huge file.  free-owl-moose-buffalo-math-problem  The problem is this: if given 1000 dollars, how could the dollars be divided into ten envelopes if there is only $1 in one envelope? The instructions are all in the printable.  There are moose, owl, and buffalo dollars to print, also.  Buffalo?  We have relatives in from South Dakota.

*Note:  The book is NOT required for this math problem.  This is a gifted ed math problem if given to first or second graders.

The 1000 Animal Math Problem

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