A writing frame is similar to a writing prompt although it is usually several pick and choose pages with a similar theme. Options may include wider lines, more drawing space, and so on for differentiation in writing class. They are both narrative and expository on this blog.

  • Mystery Writing Generic ISNs for Grades 2 and 3 free

Mystery Writing Generic ISNs for Grades 2 and 3

Mystery Writing Generic ISNs for Grades 2 and 3 Mystery writing in class? This printable is to help inspire students to plan and write mystery stories. Interactive notebook pages include ones for characters, settings, sequencing events, and clues. Rubrics for the teacher and student are also part of the PDF.

  • editable-grade-2-writing-through-the-year

Editable Grade 2 Writing Through the Year and Free Sample Pages

Need editable grade 2 writing pages? This post has the link to my editable grade 2 writing through the year product.  This product was designed with busy teachers in mind who might like to get something together quickly for a guided reading group, response to reading activity, or for a writing project.

  • skillful-scarecrows-fall-learning-centers-and-activities-for-grades-1-2

Skillful Scarecrow Activities and Free Sample

This post has information about Skillful Scarecrow Activities and freebie Roll-a-Scarecrow printable page.  SKILLFUL SCARECROW does not have a holiday theme, only a fall theme. I made it with just fall clip art so it could be used anytime in the fall. Writing, math, and reading centers, and a printable game are all

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SCAMPER Thinking Skills Printable Free Illustrated PDF

This post has a SCAMPER thinking skills printable freebie. Yes, I am writing about the book Blucy by Julia Dweck. However, again as in my other three free Blucy printables, there are generic pages that could be used with other stories. I have connected with Julia Dweck because she teaches

  • bear-theme-writing-frame-fiction-non-fiction-free-printable-PDF

Free Bears Fiction and Nonfiction Writing Frames Printable

The North American Bear Center Bears writing frames are the result of our trip to The North American Bear Center in Ely, MN, has the famous Lily the Bear. Have you heard of Lily? Six-year-old Lily gave birth to her third litter on January 12, 2013. Lily and other bears may be viewed on several

  • summer-sports-writing-frames-freebie

Summer Olympics Writing Frames Free Download

This post has a free printable Summer Olympics Writing Frame PDF. A book that could be consulted for developing the anticipatory set include the following (*affiliate links): Canoeing: The Great Outdoors by Laura Purdie Salas, Consultant:  Kevin Callan (for grades 3-4) Tonya Dirksen at the Keys, Strings, and Melodies blog has an Olympics

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