free work pages for home or school, at home these pages may be used to help prevent the summer slide, at school they may be used for advanced readers or small guided reading groups, most accompany children’s learn to read books

  • The-Kings-Ransom-novel-unit-freebie-for-book-by-Carpinello

The King’s Ransom Novel Unit Free PDF

Author: Cheryl Carpinello Publication Date (Kindle): May, 2012 Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing Number of pages: 84 Recommended age: 9 Cheryl Carpinello regularly conducts Medieval Writing Workshops and has a passion for Medieval Times and the King Arthur Legend.  Her studies of this time period and legend shine through the book, The King’s Ransom.

  • SCAMPER with Blucy photo of pages in free printable

SCAMPER Thinking Skills Printable Free Illustrated PDF

This post has a SCAMPER thinking skills printable freebie. Yes, I am writing about the book Blucy by Julia Dweck.  However, again as in my other three free Blucy printables, there are generic pages that could be used with other stories. I have connected with Julia Dweck because she teaches gifted education, and I used

  • Arthur-meets-the-president-book-companion-workpages-free-PDF-printable

Arthur Meets the President Free Printable

Arthur Meets the President by Marc Brown The Arthur series by Marc Brown are stories with life lessons. Arthur Meets the President is the story of Arthur winning a contest and meeting the President in the Rose Garden. The class enters an essay contest and Arthur wins, but is expected to memorize and recite his

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