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A Night Light for Bunny free printable

This post for A Night Light for Bunny: A Glow in the Dark Search by Geoffrey Hayes includes a free printable. Note:  This glow-in-the-dark book should be read in a really dark room with a flashlight! This book tells the sweet story of a little bunny who wants a night-light. Father pretends he doesn’t understand and takes

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  • Free Ireland Snapshot SMART board Interactive File

Free Ireland Snapshot SMART board Interactive File

I thought it would be fun to have a little information about Ireland available with St. Patrick’s Day coming up, so this post has a free Ireland SMART board interactive file for school and home use.  Here is a free viewer for the SMART board lesson from SMART Tech, if you don’t have a SMART Board.  SMART

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Number Names Games with a St. Patrick’s Theme

This post has a free number names games with a St. Pat’s theme printable. Here is a PDF game about names for numbers:  March Match for Number Names.  It is a free 26 page PDF.  In first grade, we practice knowing different names for numbers such as both 3+3 and 2+4 have the “name” six.

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Free Heart Kindness Activity for February

In February the students are excited for Valentine’s Day and many heart activities are taking place in classrooms.  This is a fun time for students which also provides a good opportunity for discussing how unkind comments hurt others.  My Power Point downloads here:  BE NICE HEART LESSON FREE, here (free PPtx)