Safari Ltd®’s toys are inspired by nature, fueling the imagination and speaking to the innate curiosity in all of us. Safari Ltd® is the only American family owned manufacturer and distributor of educational animal, fantasy, and human figurines.

  • ocean-creatures-matching-cards

Ocean Creatures Matching Pictures, Letters, and Words Free PDF

This post was inspired by Safari Ltd. who kindly sent us some beautiful clown anemone fish for our learning activities. It is post #1. See post #2 here. Do they remind you of any of the summer movies? Gnorman the Gnome found someone who needed help and then called on his favorite fish who are good at finding

  • fairy-garden-making-activity-fun

Gardening Printable and Fairy Garden Activity and Free PDF

This post has a free gardening theme printable for Pre-K through 1. Basic vocabulary, color by number, coloring pages, and patterning are included. This post was inspired by Safari Ltd. who kindly sent us some beautiful fairies for our fairy garden project. In Minnesota we have still have some freezing temperatures at night in May,

  • Dragon-art-ideas.-and-coloring-pages

Horned Chinese Dragon Art Ideas and Free Coloring Pages

Horned Chinese Dragon art ideas!  This is the fourth week of the “How i Safari” Safari Ltd. promotion and this week They sent me a Horned Chinese Dragon (non-affiliate link). The Horned Chinese Dragon is typically seen for New Year festivities. Both Dragons and the color red are considered to bring good luck. The dragon is thought to bring rain, also. This

  • Panda-puzzles-and-games-free-printable

Panda Poses Puzzle and Game Freebie

The Panda! This is the third week of the “How i Safari” Safari Ltd. promotion and this week. This time they sent me a pandas Toob (non-affiliate link). Many kids love pandas. This post includes a free printable with skip counting puzzles from 2 to 10, a memory matching game, and same/different cards to discuss. Visual discrimination will be

  • Horses-3-part-cards-with-information-pages-included

Early American Farm Horses and 3 Freebies

Early American farm horses can be easily be enjoyed with Safari Ltd. model toys. Early American farms are more easily understood by children through the Laura Ingalls Wilder book series. Comparing and contrasting farming in Farmer Boy to the stories about Laura and her sisters shows differences in farms and even the horses. For the

  • Gnorman-travels-to-Shanghai-free-Power-Point

Shanghai Free Power Point and Google Slides

Shanghai? Recently Gnorman traveled to Shanghai for business and was kind enough to take selfies and photos for me. Gnorman the Gnome  is from Safari Ltd. and has previously been featured with world landmarks at this post. He enjoyed his flight and had plenty of room to stretch out. He was able to take a few photos of Shanghai’s

  • the-many-travels-of-Gnorman

World Landmarks Free Printable Cards

World landmarks are fun for children to learn about.  Big words! Places to find on the globe! The globe is always engaging and really there are few opportunities for children to have reason to use them outside of geography studies. I’m sure you have seen travel photos with a gnome. How could you miss them, as

  • matching-horses-to-colors-graphing

Color Graphing with Horses Free Activity PDF

This post has an activity for color graphing with horses printable freebie. Make math activities fun with this color graphing with horses printable.  The printable may be used with or without small plastic horses such as Toobs by the Safari Ltd (non-affiliate link) company as the paper cubes have color words. This free printable on the blog on the free eMember

  • new black bear release from Safari LTD for 2016 post with printables and activities

Bear Theme 3-Part Cards Free Printable

Bear Theme 3-Part Cards Free Printable Bear Theme 3-Part Cards! This post has a bear theme 3-part cards free printable that is Montessori inspired. It also has an announcement about the new 2016 Safari Ltd releases including the standing black bear figurine.  Safari Ltd sent me the bear so I could post about it.  Otherwise there is no money involved! I

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