Priced educational products usually have a free sample or free pages in the preview file. These products may be on Teachers Pay Teachers, Teachers Notebook, or on BuySellTeach.

  • AR Magic Cards treasure box, some of the cards, and app in use

AR School Magic Multi Language App and Cards

AR School Magic Multi Language App and Cards AR School has a magic card app. I was expecting a small sample of a free product for this review, and  was surprised when a treasure box was delivered to my door.  The treasure box helps to teach eight languages. Before I agreed to review this educational product,

  • asking-questions-reading-strategy-lesson-and-free-sample-printable

Asking Questions Lesson and a Free Sample

Asking questions is one of several reading comprehension strategies practice in primary grades. This post has an asking questions product and a freebie as well.  Asking questions before, during, and after reading is a strategy used to help improve reading comprehension and should become a lifelong skill for improving retention of text. Many

  • editable-grade-2-writing-through-the-year

Editable Grade 2 Writing Through the Year and Free Sample Pages

Need editable grade 2 writing pages? This post has the link to my editable grade 2 writing through the year product.  This product was designed with busy teachers in mind who might like to get something together quickly for a guided reading group, response to reading activity, or for a writing project.

  • Editable-owl-class-theme-by-wise-owl-factory-all-pages

Owl Class Theme and Owl Books

This owl theme for classrooms includes an alphabet, numbers 1-30, a birthday display, editable newsletters, editable student awards, editable desk name plates, editable schedule signs, and more.  It is over 230 pages in length, low-priced, and is available on Teachers Pay Teachers.  This is the preview file which will open right here.