phonics for emergent readers, free work pages and activities for letter sounds

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Ph Digraph Interactive Student Notebook Freebie

Ph Digraph Interactive Student Notebook Freebie Do you use interactive notebook pages with your students? Are they learning about the digraph ph? In that case, this freebie will be good for your literacy class. It is black and white for printing purposes and includes instructions for students. There are picture word clues, and words

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Ocean Creatures Matching Pictures, Letters, and Words Free PDF

This post was inspired by Safari Ltd. who kindly sent us some beautiful clown anemone fish for our learning activities. It is post #1. See post #2 here. Do they remind you of any of the summer movies? Gnorman the Gnome found someone who needed help and then called on his favorite fish who

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Animal Tracks Free 3-part Cards Printable PDF

Welcome to the 3rd annual Booking Across the USA with bloggers from every state! The host for this event is Jodie at the Growing Book by Book blog. Click on this link for the page listing all participating blogs, and keep an eye out for her regional posts with more

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Ch-Sh-Th-Wh Digraph Resources for Premium eMembers

Ch-Sh-Th-Wh digraph resources for premium eMembers are described in this post. The printable has ch-sh-th-wh interactive student notebook foldables and teaching materials (ISN’s). The product is for teaching four digraphs and is named: Ch-Sh-Th-Wh Interactive Student Notebook Foldables and Teaching Materials.  It includes 187 pages with student interactive foldables, read the room with alphabetizing, teaching

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  • short i and long i freebie

Free Short i and Long i Printable

Free Short i and Long i Printable There is a short i and long i milk caps (or card stock circles) for download in the eMember free level area. When you sign up for the Wise Owl Factory free area you will be able to download all the resources on the special password-protected page for

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S-Blends Words and Pocket Chart Cards Free PDF

S-Blends Words and Pocket Chart Cards Free PDFs S-blends words and pocket chart cards printable freebie, below. I recently read Mary Had a Sleepy Sheep and was inspired to make a beginning s-blend word cards.  Most of the words are s-blends, but a few other blends are included as well. You might

Free Printable for Minnie and Moo Go to the Moon

Free Printable for Minnie and Moo Go to the Moon Minnie and Moo Go to the Moon by Denys Cazet This post has a free printable for Minnie and Moo Go to the Moon. Another hilarious and silly book in the Minnie and Moo series, this story is about the two cows taking the farmer’s tractor and

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