Go green with a paperless classroom. The amount of paper used in a classroom can be reduced in many different ways. Google docs and slides classrooms use Chromebooks or iPads. Be ready when the Internet goes down, however, with some other learning activities.


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Time to 5 Minutes Clock Google Slides Activity Free

Time to 5 minutes (free) may be practiced using this Google Slides activity. Please see my blog post about using Google Slides at school or home at this link. For this slide set, please click here or on the picture below. Interactive Slides The slides are interactive, such as the slide that asks students

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Tutankhamen Speaks by Carpinello Review and Free Student PDF

Tutankhamen Speaks was written by Cheryl Carpinello. This is a prequel to her Quest Books Companion to Sons of the Sphinx novel. Previously, I made freebies for other books by Cheryl Carpinello such as Guinevere, On the Eve of Legend at this blog post, and Young Knights of the Round Table: The King’s Ransom

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Frankie Dupont and the High Seas Heist Freebie

Frankie Dupont and the High Seas Heist Freebie Frankie Dupont and the High Seas Heist is the newest mystery book in the Julie Anne Grasso Frankie series.  Book reviews for book 1, book 2, and book 3 are also available on this blog. They include printable pages for students to supplement the