Montessori printables such as 3-part cards, tray activities, and informational posts.  Please find free PDFs on two pages of this blog, as well as many blog posts.

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Montessori Classroom Editable Labels Freebie

Montessori classroom editable labels free for your homeschool or classroom to help organize the teaching spaces. Also, labels encourage literacy as the children begin noticing the initial letter, maybe the first and last letter, and finally are able to associate the word and object or resource. Montessori has been my "hobby" and I have

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Fairy Theme 3-part Initial Sounds Alphabet Cards

Fairy Theme 3-part Initial Sounds Alphabet Cards Eastman Nature Center in the Three Rivers Park District recently held a fairy theme story time and activity class. We attended and enjoyed the story so much. The book the naturalist read was Fairy Houses by Tracy Kane. The little girl looks through the forest

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Montessori Instant Resource Downloads

Montessori instant resource downloads are nice to have on hand for when the students indicate an interest in a certain subject area. This post is a round up of links to the free Montessori instant resource downloads on this site. There are links to the free instant downloads, as well as

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Premium eMember Subscription Information

Premium eMember Subscription Information Wise Owl Factory’s premium eMember subscription has begun. The reason for the premium eMember area is that some school districts or other computer protection programs block newsletters. The servers block unwanted emails which often includes newsletters. This option is for teachers and homeschools to be able to set

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  • Dabbers-and-multi-color-swatch-match-to-pictures-activity

Matching Color Palettes for Flowers and Butterflies

This post has color matching palettes for flowers and butterflies and a free printable. Colorful flowers and bright butterflies catch the attention of children enjoying the outdoors. Their interest in color and beauty can help introduce color gradients (or color families). This post has activities and a free printable for matching

Movable Alphabet Printable for Writing Free

This post has a free movable alphabet and numbers printable for emergent writers and mathematicians. I used the Montessori colors with red consonants and blue vowels, red numbers and white math symbols, and some options. As part of my year long KHT Montessori class, I am making as many resources as possible

Sea Turtle 3-part Montessori Cards Free

This post has free sea turtle 3-part Montessori cards which can be found on our Montessori password protected page. The first newsletter of the month has the password of the month for the protected pages on Wise Owl Factory. Sea turtles are so popular now with the summer movie, as are ocean creatures.

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  • ocean animals Montessori inspired 3-part cards free

Ocean Animals 3-part Cards Free 3-Part Cards PDF

Ocean Animals 3-part Cards Free 3-Part Cards PDF Ocean Animals dolphin, eagle ray, hammerhead shark, humpback whale, octopus, penguin, sea lion, sperm whale, starfish, tiger shark, and turtle are included in this 3-part cards printable PDF.  The free printable may be located in the free eMember area on the Montessori page. Not a member yet?

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