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First High-Frequency Words Winter Theme Bingo Game

First high-frequency words winter theme bingo games are on this blog. The black and white version is a free download in our free eMember area (free to join, click the free radio button to make the payment options disappear). The color printing version is in our Premium AMember area with a one time only $5

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Japan Bingo Game for Grades K-4 Free PDF

This is post 2 of three I'm writing for Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month. Please see post one. Check back for post 3.  Many thanks to Castleview Academy for advice regarding the free printable for this post, as the author of that blog has lived in Japan. Great Japanese Stories For Kids Japanese Children's Favorite Stories and More Japanese Children's

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Teaching Problem Solution Free Resources

This post has teaching problem solution free resources because trying to figure this out within story text can confuse younger children.  The book Young Cam Jansen and the Dinosaur Game may not be a favorite among other Adler books, but it provides a excellent view of the story elements of problem and solution.