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  • Free welcome back to school, 2 SMART Board slides, photo of pictures

Free Welcome Back to School SMART Board Slides

This post has free welcome back to school SMART Board slides (opens right here) for teacher use. In the fall schools often have open house or welcome back events where parents and children visit classrooms.  The text areas on these slides can be edited by the teacher.  The first slide is has a general welcome theme,

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Free Pocket Day and Data Day SMART Board and PDF Files

This free Pocket Day and Data Day SMART Board lesson is free and opens right here. This lesson accompanies the Everyday Math program line plot lessons for first grade, although they would work for any first grade math program. There are 27 slides, and a 13 page student printable included. Represent and interpret data. CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.1.MD.C.4

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  • Free Italy and Rome A to Z Presentations

Italy and Rome A to Z Presentations Free Resources

Italy and Rome A to Z Presentations Free Resources This post has a free interactive Snapshot of Italy SMART board presentation, and a the same thing as a free Power Point..  Italy is so interesting to me as my son and his wife traveled there last summer, and we met people from Italy when we lived in The Netherlands. These

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  • Free Ireland Snapshot SMART board Interactive File

Free Ireland Snapshot SMART board Interactive File

I thought it would be fun to have a little information about Ireland available with St. Patrick’s Day coming up, so this post has a free Ireland SMART board interactive file for school and home use.  Here is a free viewer for the SMART board lesson from SMART Tech, if you don’t have a SMART Board.  SMART

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The Netherlands free SMART Board Presentation for Kids

Heidi Befort and I have teamed up to work on global learning for her site, Globicate.  Heidi's blog has a daily G.L.O.W. question for her students to begin the day. Students read the questions and try to figure out the answer.  This is an interesting and educational way to begin the school day. There are

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Free Resources for Rainbow Crow

Free Resources for Rainbow Crow Free SMART Board Lesson with Printables and Centers This post has free resources for Rainbow Crow, a book by Nancy Van Laan, and illustrated by Beatriz Vidal. Rainbow Crow is a Lenape (Native American) tale about how the crow became black and lost his beautiful singing

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  • free Power Point, free Smartboard lesson, free printable for problem and solution in the children's book YOUNG CAM JANSEN AND THE DINOSAUR GAME

Teaching Problem Solution Free Resources

This post has teaching problem solution free resources because trying to figure this out within story text can confuse younger children.  The book Young Cam Jansen and the Dinosaur Game may not be a favorite among other Adler books, but it provides a excellent view of the story elements of problem and solution.