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  • Halloween-quick-writes-free-printable-and-story-for-teachers-and-parents

Halloween Quick Writes and Safety Story Freebie

This post has a safety story for teachers and parents in the form of a flash fiction story by Dr. Theodore Jerome Cohen. The printable has both the story and some Halloween quick writes pages in the free printable PDF. This could be used on or soon after Halloween, when children have vivid impressions

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Book Companions and Novel Units Free PDFs

This post has links to the free book companions for emergent through advanced readers from kindergarten to about grade six. Most are free instant downloads. Some items are in the free eMember area which is free to join at this link. Just select the "free" radio button to have the payment options disappear. Are

  • Albert-picture-book-work-page-free-PDF

Free Printable for Albert by Donna Jo Napoli

Free Printable for Albert by Donna Jo Napoli This post has a free printable for ALBERT by Donna Jo Napoli and illustrated by Jim LaMarche.  The class will discuss good and bad classroom sounds after reading this story, using the compare/contrast thinking skill. In this book, the main character, Albert, is a sensitive individual who lives

  • Shanghai-PowerPoint-Presentation-and-resource-free-download

Shanghai Free Power Point and Google Slides

Shanghai? Recently Gnorman traveled to Shanghai for business and was kind enough to take selfies and photos for me. Actually, my daughter was so kind as to take him with her and snap a few photos. Gnorman the Gnome is from Safari Ltd. and has previously been featured with world landmarks

  • Editable-owl-class-theme-by-wise-owl-factory-all-pages

Owl Class Theme and Owl Books

This owl theme for classrooms includes an alphabet, numbers 1-30, a birthday display, editable newsletters, editable student awards, editable desk name plates, editable schedule signs, and more.  It is over 230 pages in length, low-priced, and is available on Teachers Pay Teachers.  This is the preview file which will open right here.

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