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DIY, Cooking, and Craft Informational Blog Posts Bookshelves are always helpful at home and school, especially child-friendly ones. This is how we made ours. Do you make strawberry or other jam? This post has some free editable labels for you. Have you tried making gummy candy? I like to quilt and this is a post about

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Sponge Shape Paintbrushes DIY Painting Ideas

Sponge Shape Paintbrushes DIY Painting Ideas Sponge shape paintbrushes are a new find for me. At the craft store, we recently found a bucket of sponge paintbruses with different shapes. Hmmmm, what could we do with those? After our first idea, we brainstormed a few more ideas. How about shape flowers? This was one

Winter Crafts for Teen Led Family Night

Winter crafts that are non-holiday can be difficult to find! Especially if you are a teen and in charge of leading activities at family night. Oriental Trading Company sent me $75 of crafts that we tried and are donating to church for just such an occasion. First, here is a very nice and quiet