• Free Printable Bat Diagram Work Page

Free Printable Bat Diagram Work Page

Bats by Gail Gibbons, author and illustrator Gail Gibbons is a master of children’s nonfiction.  She writes and illustrates her own books so they are very well done.  Children who enjoy nonfiction will want to read every one of her books.  She does not use photographs and so she can focus on what is being

  • free Power Point, free Smartboard lesson, free printable for problem and solution in the children's book YOUNG CAM JANSEN AND THE DINOSAUR GAME

Teaching Problem Solution Free Resources

This post has teaching problem solution free resources because trying to figure this out within story text can confuse younger children.  The book Young Cam Jansen and the Dinosaur Game may not be a favorite among other Adler books, but it provides a excellent view of the story elements of problem and solution.