3 part cards are a Montessori strategy for student learning in all subject areas. If you are a non-Montessori teacher, just use the cards for matching games.

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Ocean Theme Learning and Activities Free

Here are links to our ocean theme learning and activities. This is a round up of the ocean theme posts. We have had a busy and fun summer learning about sea turtles, fishing for the alphabet, writing about dolphins, exploring shells, and making Cartesian divers, and more. Click the buttons

Sea Turtle 3-part Montessori Cards Free

This post has free sea turtle 3-part Montessori cards which can be found on our Montessori password protected page. The first newsletter of the month has the password of the month for the protected pages on Wise Owl Factory. Sea turtles are so popular now with the summer movie, as are ocean creatures.

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Panda Poses Puzzle and Game Freebie

The Panda! This is the third week of the “How i Safari” Safari Ltd. promotion and this week. This time they sent me a pandas Toob (non-affiliate link). Many kids love pandas. This post includes a free printable with skip counting puzzles from 2 to 10, a memory matching game, and same/different cards to discuss.

Early American Farm Horses and 3 Freebies

Early American farm horses can be easily be enjoyed with Safari Ltd. model toys. Early American farms are more easily understood by children through the Laura Ingalls Wilder book series. Comparing and contrasting farming in Farmer Boy to the stories about Laura and her sisters shows differences in farms and even

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Ocean Animals 3-part Cards Free 3-Part Cards PDF

Ocean Animals 3-part Cards Free 3-Part Cards PDF Ocean Animals dolphin, eagle ray, hammerhead shark, humpback whale, octopus, penguin, sea lion, sperm whale, starfish, tiger shark, and turtle are included in this 3-part cards printable PDF.  The free printable may be located in the free eMember area on the Montessori page. Not a member yet?

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Montessori Tool Trays and 3-Part Cards

Montessori tool trays and 3-part cards are popular with children who are allowed to experience real tools.  This is true in both Montessori settings and in traditional classrooms.  One tray at a time is provided for children to learn about individual tools such as Phillips head and flat head screwdrivers.

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