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Summer vacation journal time can assiste with helping to prevent the summer slide!

Summer Vacation A to Z Journal Printable Free PDF

It is summertime and many of us will by taking vacations to wilderness areas. Scroll down to see a Free Summer Vacation A to Z Journal Printable for children to use this summer.  28 pages.

Lemon Wolf Cafe

If you are traveling along Hwy. 61 in northern Minnesota this summer and are going to pass through Beaver Bay, there is a wonderful restaurant that is delightful to visit.  Everyone hopes to see a moose or a bear on summer trips, and you can easily see bears here while enjoying cozy candlelit dinners and the very best handcrafted meals!  Lemon Wolf has the very best fresh Lake Superior fish, too.  They were written up in the Minneapolis StarTribune newspaper taste section on July 11, 2012 for their great food and pie!

Do you see two bears peeking in the windows? If you eat at the Lemon Wolf Cafe in Beaver Bay, MN, there are bears everywhere! And Goldilocks is nowhere to be seen!

And do you know what?  Children who give a howl (at the end of their meals) get a treat from the very kind owners of the Lemon Wolf Cafe!

approaching the Lemon Wolf Cafe in Beaver Bay, MN, photo

Now you see the bears outside the window!

Lemon Wolf doorway, photo

Corner table at the Lemon Wolf Cafe in Beaver Bay, MN, photo

restaurant winner and award winning dessert , photo

See more mohair and fancy, one of a kind, award winning handmade bears at Lemon Wolf on eBay!  Each critter has a story with it, too.

Summer Vacation A to Z Journal

Of course, the story that comes to mind is one the children can write!  So my free PDF today has pages for A to Z memories of a summer vacation.  The children can write and draw, or paste postcards or photos on some of the pages.  It might be something to do on those rainy days!  Be creative, and on the “O” page for ocean waves, if you are not going to the ocean, say the local lake or even your backyard pool had waves as high as the ocean!

If you won’t be seeing a moose at the zoo or in the forest, try this book blog post:  AGATE, WHAT GOOD IS A MOOSE?  by Joy Morgan Dey and Nikki Johnson

If you won’t be seeing a wolf, try the book blog post: TRACKS IN THE WILD by Betsy Bowen, or other books on this blog.

You get the idea! I tried to make this general enough to fit most vacations, and since the pages can be written on it can be adapted to fit a family’s summer memories.  Free My Summer Vacation Memory A to Z, 28 page PDF  Thanks for reading, Carolyn

Free Summer Vacation A to Z Journal Printable