Spring Problem Solving Sudoku and Graphing Freebies

Spring Problem Solving Sudoku and Graphing Freebies

This post has two printables, and they are both free:  free spring problem solving Sudoku and graphing activities.  First, the March and Sudoku and Graphing, free and opens here on this page.  Click on this link to open the PDF, or click on the picture below.

Spring Problem Solving Sudoku and Graphing Freebies

To introduce Sudoku to the young child or first time puzzle user, begin by showing an answer key card.  Let the child notice things and explain what he or she sees.  Point out only one picture is in a row, column, or sub-grid.


Next, show the 4 sub-grids cut apart and have the child place them on the answer key for practice.


Next, provide the same materials with one sub grid cut apart.  Explain there is only one of each picture in a sub grid area. Remove the larger pieces and allow the child time to experiment with the four small pieces by placing them in each sub grid area.


Finally, show the four pieces on a column, and on a row.  Let the child again have time to place the pieces in each row or column until he or she understands.

March-Sudoku-problem-solving-pictures in one column

Then set up the puzzles one at a time similar to these materials. They may also be placed on a tray, Montessori style.


This printable also has a graphing activity.


A 2015 March Calendar is included for keeping track of the volatile March weather that we call lion/lamb at school. We say if March comes in like a lamb, it will go out like a lion.  The children enjoy noticing the wild weather.


The second free printable is on Teachers Pay Teachers, and is very similar to the materials above.  The focus is on baby animals instead of March, though.

Free Baby Animal Sudoku and Graphing Activities for Pre-K and Kon Teachers Pay Teachers, free.

Free Spring Problem Solving Sudoku and Graphing

Another freebie on TpT is this one that has a St. Patrick’s Day theme.

free St. Patrick's Day doubles graphing, bookmarks, and reading charts in color and in black and white

A free March activity graphing with real or printed fish crackers opens right here, as well.

photo of pages in printable

These Sudoku puzzles have kites so they could fit in March centers, also.  However, they are for newsletter eMembers so join us soon!


This is a link to a post by Castle View Academy, St. Patrick’s Day with Learning and Fun. Castle View Academy used some of the free Wise Owl Factory March resources.  Get ready for some math fun by seeing how this school used the materials.Free-ST.-PSt-Patricks-Day-with-learning-fun-graphing-rainbows-reading-and-more

I hope you enjoy the materials, Carolyn


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