Kindergarten writing frames to engage kindergartners who enjoy outer space are available in our free eMembers area. Then log in and find this download on the free downloads page. The free eMembers area has several pages and you may have to scroll down to locate the freebie. There are other space-themed writing printables on that page, as well.

Space Theme Writing Frames Kindergarten Freebie

What’s included? Work covers for color or black and white printing are in this printable. If you prefer the color pages but do not have a color printer available, just print in grayscale.


There are pages to encourage sentence writing with vocabulary provided to encourage emergent writers, such as the following. The writing lines show the middle point with a dashed line to help with letter formation. I’m sure teachers will still hear the question, “How do you spell?”


For more independent writers, there are some writing prompts, such as this one. The pages with word support might be used as a resource for creative writing stories.


For finished projects and even just for sentence writing pages, there is a writing rubric. A student and a teacher version is provided. Students do better when they self-evaluate their own work. “I wrote and drew all during writing” means “I was working the whole time and not talking.” We have to state things in positive terms! The pictures mean yes or no.

writing rubric for kindergarten

Some of the children will know about and “miss” having Pluto as a planet. There are acronyms to help them remember the order of the planets in outer space such as My (Mercury) Very (Venus) Energetic (Earth) Mother  (Mars) Just (Jupiter) Served (Saturn) Us (Uranus) Nectarines (Neptune). She used to serve nine pizzas when Pluto was still around. Oh, well. free-space-Kindergarten-writing-paper_Page_18

Thank you for reading. I hope you will find this and other helpful educational resources in the free eMember area.


You might also like the editable space theme printable on the same eMember page as this one.



About the author pages are to be filled out by the writers for publishing writing pieces. Four vocabulary pages are included which could be added to student writing folders or binders.

About the Author Fill-in-the-blank Pages

35 adventure writing pages with differentiation — set one requires little writing for emergent writers, set two has more space for writing and drawing, and then decorated paper is provided for independent writers.

Adventure Writing Frames with Differentation

Writing paper — decorated pages with designs and vocabulary can help perk up writing workshop.  There are blank pages as well that may be used for handwriting practice.

First-grade Writing School Year

Kindergarten writing pages decorated with seasons and holidays to help through the year writing centers.  There are blank pages as well.

Kindergarten Writing School Year

Kindergarten writing frames to engage kindergartners who enjoy outer space are available in our free eMembers area. Then log in and find this download on the free downloads page.

Kindergarten Space Writing

Free grade 2 word wall printable.  This PDF opens in our free eMember area.  It is intended to accompany writing workshop or class writing time and could be added to the writing binder.

Grade Two Word Wall Free PDF

Letter writing to family and friends is a good second-grade lesson. The free printable is in our free Amember area. The templates are for friendly letters (as in not business letters) and could be part of shared research.

Letter Writing Project

Free Educational and Writing Penguin Printable –The writing printable pages include pocket chart cards, writing frames, and a coloring page.

Penguin theme writing freebie

Penguin Theme Letter Writing Frames Freebie — Links to several penguin theme free printables and a YouTube video.

Penguin Theme Letter Writing

Rain and Stormy Weather Writing Frames – This printable is in our free eMembers area.

Rain and Stormy Weather Writing

Students write about a shape they would like to be and why. 10 page PDF freebie

The Sad Shape Story Frame

Snow Stories and Story Map Pre-writing page- This printable is in our free eMembers area.

Snow Stories and Story Map
Individual Sports Word Wall

Sports Word Wall for Students A to Z (in our free eMember area)

Sports Word Wall A to Z