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Simple birthday color pages for ages 3-7 are an easy activity for birthday parties which include toddlers. Miss Owl’s birthday is today and there will be younger children there, so they will need activities they can do, also. Everybody gets a prize for trying during party games, and also for coloring today. Last year, I made a free printable birthday bingo game for the party. This year that would be more difficult as the babies in the family are growing up. Everything changes!


The images are simple and yes, children may scribble. Comments from adults could include things like:

I see you like red!

This picture has the most blue!

Oh, what a happy picture you colored!

And, of course, tell me about your picture for those who draw on the back. I learned to never say what I thought I saw as the child often meant to draw something that didn’t turn out exactly right. You know how it is! Coloring in the lines is not required.


Click on the next link for your free instant download PDF.


The idea is really to keep the children busy when the cake is being cut or maybe when guests arrive.


Happy pictures help set the stage for a party. Coloring is also a calming activity. birthday-color-pages-freebie_Page_5

One page is more difficult for children who are already expert artists. birthday-color-pages-freebie_Page_4

Simple Party Game for Pre-K and up

Simple birthday party game for Pre-K and up

Have one bag for drawing out cards.

Use three prizes bags for the very young. Use the same non-candy prizes the children cannot swallow in each different bag.

When the child draws a card, he or she gets the toy or prize in the matching bag.

For instance, the yellow star bag might have small squishy toys. Place as many yellow stars as toys (or even two less in case of any problems like a lost toy) in the draw bag.


Hide the shape cards around the room. When children find one, they may draw out a toy.

Suggestion: Limit each child to two of each color or to the limit of available prizes.

Blowing out the sparkler candle!


Thank you for reading. Carolyn