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Show-Jumping-Team-Clare-O-BearaShow Jumping Team was written by a National Show Jumping Champion of Ireland, Clare O’Beara. The book is multi-genre as it is realistic fiction with nonfiction information about horses and horse shows. I enjoyed the book, learned so much about horses, and found the story compelling. I then made a student book companion pack with a focus on comprehension. The PDF also includes a writing project with ISNs (interactive students notebook pages), writing frames, and a rubric. Instructors may select from the pages in the printable as to what might fit the needs of the class. It may be used with one, a few, or a large group of students. O’Beara’s books seem to have mechanical scenes where women are not afraid to help, or indeed solve their own car or van issues. I like the strong women protagonists in her books.  There is plenty of adventure to keep teens and pre-teens reading.

Rodeo-Finn-Clare-O-BearaRecently, I reviewed O’Beara’s book, Rodeo Finn, and made a free book companion for teachers and homeschools at this link. Boy and girl characters are in both books, making them appealing to all readers. Neither book has romance or kissing, so parents are advised the books are wholesome reads. They are also educational with detailed information about horses, horse care, competitions, levels, prizes, practice, and final events. The facts flow seamlessly into the story and fit naturally.


Click the next link for the free printable student pack.


The student novel companion contents include:

Page 5 Discussion Questions

Page 6 Charting Characters (circle correct answers)

Page 7 Matching Time (match letters with numbers)

Page 8 Color and name the horses

Page 9 Writing project teacher talk and student interactive notebook directions

Page 10 Create-a-Team (name the characters)

Page 11 Story star pre-writing planning page

Page 12 Character traits student notebook interactive

Page 13 Horse characters student notebook interactive

Page 14 Settings for the story student notebook interactive

Page 15 Show jumping competition awards student notebook interactive

Pages 16 and 17 Blank writing frames for student story diamond drafts (if word processing is not used)

Page 18 Writing piece rubric

Pages 20 and 21 Possible story cover art

Page 22 Optional car parts diagram to label

Page 23 Optional sequencing Shay’s accident page

Pages 24-28 Answer Keys


The discussion page may be assigned for small group work, used as a teacher led discussion for a large group, or even assigned as written work for students to write their answers. Writing out all the answers could become tedious, so perhaps groups of students are assigned six or so questions to answer.


For the “charting characters” page, students only have to circle correct answers that match the characters. An answer key for instructors is provided in the printable.


This matching page is to help students make connections to characters and events in the story. Letters A through O are filled in next to numbers to demonstrate reading comprehension. An answer key for teachers is provided.


A story star pre-writing page is provided for students to think about and plan their stories for the writing project. Characters, settings, the problem/solution, and story goal are all considered so students have a map to follow when writing.


A few interactive student notebook pages are included, and it would be up to the teacher as to how many of the pages should be copied and completed by students. This one is to plan characters, and only four will be in the final show team. Which one should be captain? Which one will groom and help the day of the competition? Students have an opportunity to think and brainstorm as these pages are completed, cut according to directions, and added to their writing notebooks.


A rubric for student self-assessment is provided, and another for teacher assessment. The rubric could be shown prior to work on the book companion pack, and during a teacher-student writing conference, also. This will help students understand how they will be assessed and what is expected of them as far as the writing project. Teachers might add word length requirements, also.


Madeline helps Gary change a flat tire in the book. Teens might like to know the names of some car parts, or those who know could teach those who don’t. It is important knowledge for everyone! This is an optional page.


Two coloring pages are included for students to demonstrate their artistic talents. These may be used to help create covers for the finished writing project, also.


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I know upper middle grades and YA readers will really enjoy O’Beara’s horse themed books!

Thank you for reading, Carolyn


Rodeo Finn by Clare O’Beara Free Student Work Pages

Rodeo Finn by Clare O’Beara is a multi-genre novel for teens and young adults. Realistic equine fiction with nonfiction information regarding Ireland’s and Arizona’s farming, ranching, and equestrian competitions form the story. The free book companion is at the blog post for the book.


Clare O’Beara Author Interview

Clare O’Beara is a prolific, award-winning author who also happens to be a tree surgeon, national showjumping champion, book reviewer for Fresh Fiction, previous MENSA leader and volunteer, and advocate for gifted education among other talents and abilities.


Clare O’Beara Author Interview

Clare O’Beara is a prolific, award-winning author who also happens to be a tree surgeon, national showjumping champion, book reviewer for Fresh Fiction, previous MENSA leader and volunteer, and advocate for gifted education among other talents and abilities.


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