Shells Skip Counting and 3-Part Cards Freebie

Shells Skip Counting and 3-Part Cards Freebie

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If you have ever been far from home for a long time, you have probably started to get homesick.  There really is nothing like sleeping in your own bed with your own pillow that is just right.  But what if your house followed you everywhere?  You could never be free of it, it is always there like a shadow.  Starts to sound like a horror movie, yes?

If your children are of the age where they might associate shells with the creature dying, I recommend you have a strategy on hand.  Something like, Mr Crab went to the Sea in the Sky and didn’t need the shell any more and wanted someone else to appreciate his former home.  This may actually help your child develop a deeper respect for shells and what they represent beyond a pretty memento of a fun day at the beach.

For full disclosure, shells can also be found on freshwater shores although in lesser quantity and often smaller in size.  Generally the warmer the water, the larger the shells, although it also depends on the creature who made the shell.

So next time you go to the beach, perhaps you will look at the shells differently.  It’s quite amazing that a creature could create their own home and leave something for us to appreciate after they have left this world.  I still maintain however that cephalopods and starfish are just creepy.  Starfish are actually vicious predators.  I can’t quite look at Peaches (from Finding Nemo) as a harmless cute creature although the find a happy place line is a classic.

Read more facts, safety tips, and information about sea shells on I Reid’s own blog at this link.

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Shells Skip Counting
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Shell Skip 3-Part Cards Freebie
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