Self-Publishing and Self-Marketing Resources — would you like to write a book and publish it yourself? If so, then read this post with links to free resources and the Wise Owl Factory course.

How to Self-Publish a Children’s Paperback with Word

 At this post, a template to edit to create your own book, free, step-by-step directions, and a video will help you easily produce a simple 8.5″ X 8.5″ paperback. This post is for would-be authors who would like a more simple method to get started.

Children’s Picture Book Free Sample Lesson
Ethical Free Reviews for Authors from The New Book Review

Authors may have book reviews placed on the New Review Site for free by following the directions.  Also, authors may get ethical free reviews by contacting Lois W. Stern on the same site and following her directions. Contact me for your Twitter and Pinterest banners.

Ethical Free Reviews for Authors

These are just some of the books I self-published or helped others self-publish using the templates included in the self-publishing course.

Books Created Using the Self-Publishing Course Templates

Self-publishing? Are you interested in writing and selling books yourself? If you like learning and writing, you might like the course I made with everything I learned helping other people self-publish.

Self-Publishing Course

Review by Castle View —  Carolyn Wilhelm recorded every step she went through while she was self-publishing her books and has created a Udemy course for others who want to know what’s involved, step by step for Self-Publishing from the Very, Very Beginning.

Each of these main sections has several subsections that go into easy-to-understand detail. Carolyn shows you what to do right on the screen so you have the option to split-screen your own screen and follow along as you watch the lessons.

Course Review by Castle View

Watch the video and to see Tristan and Kalli read one of Carolyn’s self-published books aloud, Alex Asks About Auntie’s Airplane Day.

One of Carolyn’s books being read aloud
Self-Publishing and Self-Marketing Resources

Self-Publishing and Self-Marketing Resources

Self-Publishing and Self-Marketing Resources — would you like to write a book and publish it yourself? If so, then read this post with links to free resources and the Wise Owl Factory course.

Self-Publishing & Self-Marketing

Gary Roen is a nationally syndicated book critic and offers free book reviews if you follow all his directions which are at this link.

Free Book Reviews

Writing Prompts with a space theme, word wall, and rubric are available for our free eMembers. This printable includes writing prompts and writing frames to help students develop stories.

Writing Prompts One on Sharing with Writers and Readers Blog

What is scary to you? Halloween is about having scary fun. The first six pages have written prompts as some people like to have those for possible writing ideas. The last six pages do not have picture prompts only.


Western (romance) prompts! The first six pages have a written prompt as some people like those. The next six pages have images only, as some people can see a story in a picture. Whatever, pick your prompt and write what you want.


Picture prompts — The free printable may be used as quick writes, writing prompts for longer pieces, morning warm-ups, or as part of a flash fiction writing lesson.


If you like your fiction entwined with fact (faction), “flash fiction” is for you! Some classrooms use a quick write warm-up, and flash fiction would fit right in for those times.

Flash Fiction Prompts and Teaching Resources

Picture prompts free download — It could be used for morning quick-writes, very short stories, or flash fiction.