North American Wildlife Names Cards Free PDF

This post has a free printable for North American Wildlife animals with family names such as buck, doe, and fawn. The cards also provide animal group names such as herd or bevy. The instant free download PDF is the everybody prize for day 4 of my 9th blogiversary. The giveaway today had

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Weather Calendars thru June 2020 for Students

Weather calendars through June 2020 for students are now available in our premium eMember area, on the math page. The calendars help students keep track of weather by making tallies for which type of weather happens each day, recording the number of school days, and making notes of events of particular interest to the classroom.

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Montessori Instant Resource Downloads

Montessori instant resource downloads are nice to have on hand for when the students indicate an interest in a certain subject area. This post is a round up of links to the free Montessori instant resource downloads on this site. There are links to the free instant downloads, as well as

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Flower or Butterfly Sorting and Coloring Free PDF

Is it a Flower or Butterfly? Flowers and butterflies have so many common attributes such as beauty, vivid colors, and being ephemeral nature. They are often seen together. When children first notice both, they may be somewhat confused. It helps to point out the attributes that are different, such as that

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Insect or Spider Play Dough Mats and Free PDF

Is that an insect or a spider? For children learning about the differences between insects and spiders, hands-on activities can be engaging and helpful. This post has a free PDF with play dough mats, sorting photo cards, and coloring pages which can be used in science centers or on trays.

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