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This post has a scarecrow art project printable PDF is free for your students or children to make their own scarecrow to help decorate schools or homes for the season. This project uses odds and ends of scrapbook paper to help make each scarecrow unique. The project was inspired by the book Scarecrow by Cynthia Rylant, one of my very favorite authors.


The-ScarecrowThe story uses short text and poetic language to reveal what the scarecrow is thinking while looking at the fields from the beginning of planting season through the fall harvest.  The art is stunning and the language is soft and thoughtful. It offers a point of view not usually found in books, and makes the scarecrow anything by scary. It is a wonderful story! The children can discuss the changing seasons, planting and harvesting gardens, weather, and the illustrations.

Listening Lesson Scarecrow Art

After reading this or a similar scarecrow story to the children, I have used a listening lesson for making a scarecrow art project. The next photo has an example. I have provided a PDF with instructions and pages in black and white as well as in color for printing options.

Free Scarecrow-cut-and-assemble PDF

Scarecrow Art Project Free Printable

Illustrated directions as well as text directions for a listening lesson are included in the printable PDF. both text and illustrated directions are included in the free scarecrow printableBegin by selecting the pieces that will be used in the individual project and cut out all the pieces. begin by cutting out all pieces before beginning to glue the pieces together

Assemble the pieces like a puzzle before gluing in place.

place pieces as if a puzzle before glue is added

Now glue on patches and add “stitching” as well as buttons to the front of the overalls. These pieces are small and best done first.

most of the gluing is done on the back of the project and directions are included

The head and hat are added as a last step, and are glued from the front.

glue on head and hat from the front of the paper scarecrow project

The final projects will differ and have a variety of fancy pants! People would always comment on these cuties when displayed in the hallway at school. Free-scarecrow-listening-lesson

Thank you for reading! Carolyn