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This post has a SCAMPER thinking skills printable freebie. Yes, I am writing about the book Blucy by Julia Dweck. However, again as in my other three free Blucy printables, there are generic pages that could be used with other stories. I have connected with Julia Dweck because she teaches gifted education, and I used to teach that as well.

This book just has me thinking so creatively. SCAMPER is a creative thinking tool to help develop product ideas. Products might not be tangible goods, but ideas or processes. I learned about this fun way to brainstorm while I was earning my masters in gifted education. You might like additional book companions for books by Julia Dweck at this link. 

SCAMPER Thinking Skills Printable

So, if you haven’t scampered before, it is basically an organized way to brainstorm. I think of Wallace and Gromit when teaching this thinking tool and actually used to use the claymation videos to point out where the different ideas were used. Do you know those videos? Gromit has an electric drill at one point and when it goes in reverse, he does, too. Wallace can’t find a sawhorse, and so substitutes poor Gromit to hold up the wood. I taught thinking skills to the entire population of the elementary school (like 650 children each week). Yes, really. SCAMPER helped the students have a framework for thinking about their thinking (metacognition). Plus, it is fun!

The students enjoy the clever thinking in the videos and also can learn to identify where SCAMPER thinking was used (whether the artists knew it or not). Many children’s toys have been scampered, and children understand this strategy. For example, now “I need vacation Barbie.” However, let’s put the strategy to good use! Children can learn to identify when advertisers are creating wants they would not otherwise have after learning about SCAMPER. Here is my free printable for today:


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