Safari Ltd. Posts Printables by Wise Owl Factory

The following printables are free and could accompany Safari Ltd. toys. Safari Ltd. has hundreds of realistic (realia) miniatures, and I have been buying some of these toys.  Safari Ltd. sent me the standing black bear, for instance. This is a list of posts with printables to accompany the toys by Wise Owl Factory. While the toys are not actually required for PDF use, they are very nice to have on hand. (non-affiliate links)

A free ocean creatures ABCs literacy printable can be found at this post.


With the above printable, we also went “deep sea” fishing! See the post.

Free narrative and expository dolphin writing frames printable at the blog postdolphin-writing-frames-fiction-and-nonfiction

Free red panda narrative and expository writing frame printable on the blog post 

Red-Panda-writing-frames-fiction-nonfiction freebie

The panda puzzles are available at this post, and accompany the Toobs panda toys.


Free Monarch Butterfly 3-part cards are available at the blog post.

Standing Black Bear blog post with free printable and activities, Safari Ltd.  (not an affiliate and Safari did provide only the bear for free)free-3-part-cards-black-bears-cards

Learn how we made fairy gardens with Safari Ltd. fairy toys


Butterflies Toobs spelling Montessori-inspired trays and color matching printable at this blog post, and this is the product link. (not an affiliate and I bought the toy myself)


Free Shanghai A to Z PowerPoint and Google Slides with Gnorman the Gnome from Safari at this blog post link. This is very fun to take with you on a trip for photo ops!  (not an affiliate and I bought the toy myself)free Shanghai-free-Power-Point-A-to-Z-for-grades-K-3, also a Google Slides Presentation at the blog post

World Landmarks Toob Free PDF


Grammar Farm Free Printablemontessori-grammar-farm-cards-grammar

Horses Toobs color matching and graphing activity PDF at this link. (not an affiliate and I bought the toy myself)color-graphing-words-activity-Safari-horses-freebie

World Landmark Toobs set of cards to match the miniatures at this blog post. (not an affiliate and I bought the toy myself)Toobs-world-landmarks-cards-to-match-to-figurines-freebie matching and 3-part cards

Flowers Toobs 3-part cards freebie is at this post. (not an affiliate and I bought the toy myself)


North American Wild Animal – free skip counting puzzles are available at this blog post. There are two of each puzzle for the numbers 2-10. Children who are learning to count could try puzzles 2, 5, and 10. Children working on multiplication would be able to work on all of these puzzles. If given one at a time, even young learners are able to solve these puzzles. Two of one number might be provided for more of a challenge. (not an affiliate and I bought the toy myself)

skip counting puzzle included in set from 2 to 10, wild animal theme

Make a Chinese Zodiac activity for matching words, dates, and/or animals with the free printable at the blog post.

Chinese-Zodiac-printable-activities set up with a basket and a tray

The Toobs ocean animals are all included in the Ocean 3-part cards printable on the free eMember page.
See the blog post here.

ocean animals Montessori inspired 3-part cards free

Please find an Early American Farm Horses post and 3 free resources at this blog post.


The dragons printable is at this blog post link, and has both coloring pages as well as art ideas included in the free PDF.