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We Interrupt the Regularly Scheduled Program

Today’s blog post is a story: Red Cross to the Clot. It is not intended to replace proper medical care.

First Aid Training Prepared Me for Everything Except My Own Emergency

First aid training seemed important to know to care for my family and others.  I received my first aid certificate for adult and pediatric Red Cross Training after intensive study during December 2016, as I have mentioned previously. I felt a little winded and light headed when I was demonstrating CPR and thought it was probably the adrenaline rush of knowing I would be certified to help save lives! I was overly prepared for class and yet felt out of place with paramedics from local hospitals and the Mayo Clinic. I am used to taking and passing classes, but not while giving CPR to resuscitation dolls and being graded.  I was probably just nervous.

Everything worked out and I did pass! I could save someone who was choking in a restaurant, even a baby! I could know whether or not to call 911 if the neighbors had more situations arise. I was ready! I could now help in the case of stroke, heart attack, or other emergencies. However, I had no clue what I should do when I could not breathe several weeks later.

Last summer I held someone’s hand during a wait for an ambulance. Now it was my turn to get in the ambulance? No, not me! Urgent care sent me to the emergency room, and the emergency room sent me to ICU.  They hooked up the wrong person to the oxygen! Oxygen was for people way older than me!

PE can come on so suddenly there might not be time to check symptoms on Google. The medical term for a clot is a thrombus. The embolism is the part that gets stuck in the veins.


Blood Clot Recovery Takes Many Months

Recovery will take about six months, and I am on blood thinners for life. I am supposed to avoid getting in knife fights at the bar. That will be relatively easy as I don’t go to bars. No falls! No accidents! No cuts! Be careful! Don’t do this! Don’t do that!

So, along with my prized Red Cross Training pin I can wear . . . a medical bracelet saying I’m on blood thinners. I want to be sure they match and compliment my outfits. I don’t want to make a fashion faux pas in case of emergency. . . or hopefully no emergency!

I still highly recommend First Aid Training as it is very informative. Thanks to Pastor Jeanine, the doctors, hospital, and everyone who supported me through this time. 

Thank you for reading. This is why my blog updates were stalled for a while. Carolyn

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