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7 KEYS TO COMPREHENSION by Susan Zimmermann and Chryse Hutchins book coverReading comprehension strategies can be confusing for students. Here are some free printables which are quick views (or cheat sheets) useful for reviewing homework and for small group. It also has a book review of 7 Keys to Comprehension.  The book is for the adult person who reads aloud to children.

I enjoyed wonderful memories of reading to my children as I read this book and realized how reading aloud helps teach the seven simple thinking strategies that proficient readers use.  We develop reading compression for children when we select a broad range of books for read aloud time, and discuss the books before, during, and after reading. Reading straight through a book will not help the child engage and discover the meaning of the text. It is tempting to do that when time is short, but when we have time it is best to discuss the pictures and text. 

Reading Comprehension Strategies

• Connecting reading to their background knowledge
• Creating sensory images
• Asking questions
• Drawing inferences
• Determining what’s important
• Synthesizing ideas
• Solving problems

This book provides question prompts to ask while reading, book titles, and information about book conversations between adults and children. This is a great book for parents who read to children and are wondering how to make the experience more worthwhile.  Also, if like me, you have read many books to children, you will find this book to be an affirming  trip down memory lane.

Printable Strategy Guide

The 7 Keys to Comprehension book covers reading strategy questions commonly used in school.  Parents and teachers can print free printable PDFs quick view one page reading strategies pages at  this link is for a free printable PDF reading strategy with prompts and suggested titles.

Reading Comprehension Strategies

For more information, this printable based on Debbie Miller’s READING WITH MEANING book, will offer more explanation.

Reading Comprehension Strategies

Happy reading, Carolyn