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Pumpkin Writing Frames Fiction, Nonfiction, and Rubrics

In our Premium eMember area are several writing guides. This printable is similar because it has story prompts for fiction writing, research guides for nonfiction writing, and rubrics for assessment. Our Premium eMember area is only $5 payable one time. For a free eMembership, just click the radio button “free eMember” and the payment options disappear. All eMembers log in to find their own dashboard and resources.

Pumpkin writing adventure fiction prompt

Pumpkin Adventure

Students write about an adventure the pumpkins have. Where do they go? What do they do? When is the adventure? Do people know about the adventure? Do the pumpkins run into any trouble? Do the pumpkins return to the pumpkin field in time?

Writing prompt the littlest pumpkin

The Littlest Pumpkin

Tried as he might, Little Pumpkin just didn’t grow very big in time for special parties and events. What does he do to be included in the October fun? Who buys him and takes him home? How does he make someone feel special?


Story Map Option One

One story map planning page option for any of the four fiction writing prompts, or for students to create their own pumpkin story.


Story Map Option Two

A second story map planning page option for any of the four fiction writing prompts, or for students to create their own pumpkin story.

What do pumpkins look lIke?

What do pumpkins look like?

The first research page ask students to take notes about pumpkin features, and then compose a sentence telling what they noticed. During math class, if pumpkins are weighed, the number of lines on the outside counted, and perhaps even cut open, students could take notes. During writing, they could write about what they learned.

How do pumpkins grow student page

How do pumpkins grow?

Another of the four pumpkin research planning pages asks students how pumpkins grow. Students could take notes on the life cycle of a pumpkin, and write a sentence about the growth.

Pumpkin Report Cover Page

Pumpkin Report Cover Page

A cover for the final research report is provided for student work.

Pumpkin report final writing page

Pumpkin report final writing page

This page is one of two that may be used for students to copy their sentences from note taking on the planning pages for a diamond draft, or final copy.

Student Self-assessment Rubric for Research Writing

Student Self-assessment Rubric for Research Writing

A student and teacher rubric for nonfiction writing is included in the PDF.

Teacher Rubric for Story Writing

Teacher Assessment Rubric for Fiction Writing

A student and teacher rubric for fiction writing is included in the PDF.

Pumpkin Writing Frames Fiction, Nonfiction, and Rubrics
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Reading Strategies 2 Pack

Word Solving and Reading Strategies Pack 2

While the popular Reading Word Solving and Comprehension Pack 1 is in the free eMember area, pack 2 is included in the premium area for subscribers. Information about pack 2 is at this link.


Summarizing, Vocabulary, and Story Elements

Editable pages for use after reading animal stories with pages for summarizing, vocabulary work, and story elements.  Fiction and Nonfiction

Back-up and Re-read Letter-sized teaching posters and student work pages PDF and PowerPoint

Back-up and Re-read Lesson PowerPoint and Letter-sized Teaching Posters

An adorable dragon helps explain the back-up and re-read comprehension strategy. Printable student work pages included (and answer key).


Editable Reading, Writing, and Work Ethic Rubrics

This PDF is editable for teachers to add their own criteria to rubrics for reading and writing workshop. The work ethic rubric may be used with an entire class or individual students.


Reading Rodeo Centers

Western theme centers for long vowel cards to laminate or place in plastic sleeves to use with a dry marker. Word cards for the long vowel words, and fill in the blank writing pages. Children will lasso the numbers for a math center. And for the art center, there are western theme coloring pages.


Bossy-R Farm Game Only

Black and white printing game for r-controlled vowels. This download is found on our premium games page.
The blog post about the full products is at this link.

Howls-Moving-Castle book companion information

Howl’s Moving Castle Student Work Pages PDF

This packet has four read-and-respond work pages for students to demonstrate knowledge of the reading material. The pages include matching, circle the answer, and writing to finish the cause and effect work page. Answer keys are provided for the teacher. Creative writing pages to accompany the story are included for students to paraphrase or apprentice themselves to the writing in the book for clever answers. Discussion question pages for the book and the movie are included. Each page has 10 questions each. Students should consult the text as necessary to support their ideas.

Pumpkin Writing Frames Fiction, Nonfiction, and Rubrics

Pumpkin Writing Frames Fiction, Nonfiction, and Rubrics

Pumpkin writing frames including story writing prompts for fiction, research writing guides for nonfiction writing, and rubrics. Grades 2-3.