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Princess R-Blend Words Free Printable PDF

This post a Free Printable Princess R-Blend Words PDF.  This could be used with any princess story.  The one that inspired me was Brave: A Mother’s Love, Step into Reading, Level 2, by Melissa Lagonegro, is based on Disney’s Pixar’s new movie, Brave.  The mother on the cover is doing what I was itching to do the entire way through the movie, brush Merida’s hair.  Have you seen this movie?  Talk about Sarah Palin’s Mama Bears!  A spell turns the mother into a bear, and although Merida knows the entire time the huge, black bear is her mother, but the very small children in the movie did not make that connection.  Brave-A-Mothers-Love, photoThis movie isn’t rated G, it is a PG movie, and I had been assuming it was a GG movie (goodie-goodie).  It seems Disney is trying to appeal to Tweens with this type of action movie, and they are trying to appeal to both girls and boys.
Girls will find the strong heroine a great protagonist, and I think all the swords and fighting and mean bears are supposed to hook the interest of the boys.

Through all the action, Merida’s mother demonstrates constant love for her daughter.  Merida doesn’t want to marry one of the princes who are participating in an archery contest to become her husband.  All three princes are severely lacking in one or more areas, and so it is obvious that this isn’t a good way to find a husband.  The mother, while still a bear, agrees with Merida she could choose on her own.  The story line is beyond toddlers, for sure!

You know how they announced in movie theaters where the exits are in the event of an terror attack or emergency?  I was ready to exit after all the commercials aimed at the children, which went on and on.  Enough already!

Princess R-Blend Words

Anyway, today’s freebie does NOT require the book, Brave:  A Mother’s Love, but an idea of the story or any princess book would make a nice fit.  The materials could be used several ways, and I’m sure you can make up games with them, also.  The large pr-, br-, and so on cards could be placed at the top of a pocket chart, and the picture/word cards could be lined up underneath the right blend.

The game may be played by Go Fish, with players finding pairs until no more can be found.  There aren’t an even number of cards for each blend, so there will be cards in the pond when someone wins.

There are two work pages, one where children write 4 words for each blend (the longer version of the game), and one where they just have to find 2 words for the selected blends.


I consulted the Fun to Teach blog’s blend list.  Lori Wolfe has a very helpful website!  Her blog has won the Really Good Stuff blog award for 2012!  It is worth the time to check it out.

Enjoy and thanks for reading, Carolyn

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Princess R-Blend Words Free Printable PDF