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A premium e-membership subscription to Wise Owl Factory Resources is $5 per year. This payment allows users to login as well as update their own passwords. A newsletter subscription is not required.
People who sign up for our low annual fee will have access to everything included in the free area as of now, plus additional resources. Please realize even if you are on our newsletter list, the actual email invitation to the premium area will probably be in your spam folder. 
Premium Amembers on the Wise Owl Factory Site have access to their own login, password, dashboard, account information, and all premium downloads. Previews of included downloads are on this page, but not the actual files. Links to blog posts with further information about the products are provided if posts are available.

The dashboard is similar to the free eMember subscription page while having several more pages and resources. Access to free eMember resources are also included.

Premium Amembers on the Wise Owl Factory Site

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Premium eMember Bear Class Theme PDFs
Bear Theme Premium eMember
Extra Resources for Premium eMembers
Extra Premium eMember
Interactive Student Notebooks or ISNs for Premium eMembers
ISNs Premium eMember
Premium eMembers Literacy Resources
Literacy Premium eMember
Math Premium eMember
Montessori PDFs for Premium eMembers
Montessori Premium eMember
Educational Class Games for Premium eMembers
PDF Games Premium eMember
Editable Owl Classroom Theme for Premium eMembers
Premium Owl Class Theme
Science for Premium eMembers
Science Premium eMember
Social Studies for Premium eMembers
Social Studies Premium
Writing PDFs for Premium eMembers
Writing Premium eMember
Premium eMember Google Slides Page
Google Docs Premium eMember
Premium Level Bear Theme Word Wall
Bear Theme Word Wall
Bear Theme Number Posters
Bear Theme Number Posters
Bear Theme Fry Words and Skip Counting
Fry Words & Count Puzzles
Premium Level Bear Theme Days of Weeks and Months of Year Printable PDF
Bear Theme Days & Months
Bear Theme Desk Toppers
Bear Theme Desk Toppers
Bear Theme Welcome Back to School Large Lettering
Back to School Lettering
Sudoku Puzzles
Sudoku Puzzles 109 Pages
Strategies Pack 2 Read and Decode
Strategies Pack 2
Backwards Fairy Tale Writing Frames with Rubric
Backwards Fairy Tale & Rubric
Frog Day for a Sub
Frog Day for a Sub
Strategies Pack 2 Read and Decode
Graph and Read All Year
Digraphs 187 Page PDF
Digraphs 187 Page PDF