Playground Plaza indoor exercise park for families is nothing but pure joy. We recently went to an event there and I want to recommend it to people who live near or visit Maple Grove, Minnesota. Miss Owl had the time of her life. I started by buying a ticket on their website which was easy to do, and the only way tickets can be purchased.

The playground is housed in a warehouse, and it is the nicest warehouse I’ve ever seen. The walls and floor inside are all finished. The experience was pure joy for Miss Owl and us as we watched her jump and play. It is close by and is open 365 days a year. If you don’t know the only way to buy tickets is online, when you get to the door you will be advised. In that case, I hope you have a smartphone with you to buy tickets. The playground isn’t always manned, so to speak, but it is monitored with many cameras at all times, manned or not. We met the owners, a lovely young couple.


This video shows many of the activities at Plaza Playground.

She loved the Kangaroo jumping floor the best. In between all the other activities, she kept returning to bounce. This is a great way to later get children to sleep at night! If you are thinking, “Why didn’t they have things like this when I was a kid?” please be aware adults can also jump on this floor, if you are wearing socks.


Be sure to wear socks! That means everyone! We put some extra socks in the glove box in the car just in case we happen to drive by . . . to be sure we have some. everyone-has-to-wear-socks

She enjoyed the big kids’ playground area. There is a duplicate and smaller toddler park, as well. The floors are special to help prevent bumps and bruises.


The green rug “grass” play area was full of children’s exercise equipment and fun.


Because we attended a special event at the Plaza Playground, there were Paw Patrol characters, Elmo dropped by, a balloon artist, and a face painter. All of these special attractions were included in the event ticket price.


The very large building blocks were fun, as was the edible cookie dough. The cookie dough was provided as part of the special event and is not a usual feature.


Face painting was fun . . . but because there was too much to do, waiting in line was difficult. After a wait (well, it was included so the line was long), Miss Owl went back to jumping. However, at the very end, Rainbow Party Arts stayed a minute to provide some hearts and sparkle for Miss Owl. It was very kind of her. Her Facebook page has many of her designs to admire.

Plaza-Playground-Maple-Grove-MN-inside-fun-all-ages (60)

The food trucks were still there when we left. We especially enjoyed the Dawg House. Erica even modeled for the picture. She and James were so nice! The food was great.


We will definitely return. Plaza Playground has field trips, party rooms, and so much to offer besides family visits.

Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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The Plaza Playground experience was pure joy for Miss Owl and us as we watched her jump and play. It is close by and is open 365 days a year. She loved the Kangaroo jumping floor the best.

Plaza Playground

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